Guidance, encouragement, and accountability are critical aspects of my service.

I offer a service that is thought-provoking and problem solving to maximize your personal and business financial potential.


My Coaching Model

My coaching model is designed to help you move from functional to exceptional. In our first,  consultation we have a dialogue about getting to know each other and subsequently, determining if we are a good fit for each other.

In the follow-up coaching sessions you decide where you are going, and establish where you currently are. You then explore various routes (the options) to your destination.

In the final step, establishing the will, you ensure that you're committed to making the journey, and are prepared for the obstacles that you could meet on the way.

As you journey toward your goal there may be a need to revisit the original goal for more clarity. I provide guidance and accountability as a facilitator helping you select the best path forward, and with your permission offering advice or direction.

I encourage you to draw conclusions for yourself, rather than having my conclusions thrust upon you. As a result you will experience an amazing transformation.



 Reasons “Why” my coaching approach works?

The CBC process taps into your challenges and your needs. You won’t end up with a cookie cutter coaching experience, because I understand that each client has a different fingerprint, meaning each client has a unique blend of specialized challenges needing to be solved.


You and I working together to develop a plan that is specific to your everyday challenges. I go beyond communicating in generalities and discuss specific, current and relevant challenges that improve your daily decision-making power.



No two coaching sessions are exactly the same. The session may be for the same challenge, the same goal, or even the same client, yet no two clients are exactly the same, which means the information I deliver must meet your needs.  For instance, an individual, a married couple and a small business person each have their own sets of challenges.

The individual might be planning for retirement. The married couple has challenges with controlling family debt and finding money for their kid’s college expenses. And the small business owner might be challenged by co-mingling personal and business finances. My BCC approach guides you through the challenges.



The world is changing at lightning speed and clients want up-to-date solution. While many coaching concepts are often universal, my strategies used to serve clients evolve to meet the times.



Clients love when the coach speaks their language, especially clients who are highly-motivated leaders. While clients can learn from the successes, experiences, concepts, and tools of my coaching sessions, I know that they are still always asking, “What will this do for me.” My ability to adopt your language becomes a common denominator that facilitates greater learning and growth.



Clients are motivated by content, not by rah-rah antics. The BCC Process ensures that you gain quality coaching that I deliver in an engaging style.


I am constantly learning, which means that you are getting the value of up-to-date coaching during each step of the process. Over the years I have listen to a lot of financial challenges. There is always something new. However, you will benefit from the solutions, examples, and knowledge that have helped so many others.



CBC can only be delivered by someone who sees a 30,000 foot view of the challenges and opportunities and is not married to the challenge or goal. For example, when a client has a financial challenge, they might have already tried to resolve the issues themselves. But they probably were too close to the forest to see the trees.  My ability to adapt and to see the big picture guarantees that your options are broad, realistic, and applicable.



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